Let’s get our hands dirty on Blue Moon 17

Zorbit’s Math Adventure believes in combining pedagogy and play to make math learning a hands-on experience. Our team is constantly building new digital and hands-on tools to help bring blended learning into your classroom. Our newest release is Blue Moon 17, the Grade 2 measurement planet with complementary Teaching Activities designed for you and your learners to dig into measurement in a meaningful way!


These digital and hands-on activities offer students rich math tasks that encourage critical thinking and creative problem-solving. In each activity, students will make measurements to construct solutions to unique challenges. Students will learn about:

  • Length
  • Perimeter
  • Area
  • Design-thinking

All of our content is purposefully designed to be flexible and adaptive to suit each lesson plan and learner. The activities in the Teaching Activities library, for example, include modifications and guiding questions to support students at every stage of their numeracy development.

These new hands-on lesson plans are available on your Teacher Dashboard in the Teaching Activities area. Use the filters to find Grade 2 Measurement resources.


Blue Moon 17 is a construction site managed by Rona and Roni, the terra-forming twins. Students are helping transform this once-barren rock into a blossoming paradise. In doing so, students will employ design-thinking to measure and build houses according to their perimeter and area specifications.

Want a house with 3 kitchens, 5 bedrooms, and 2 living rooms? No problem! As long as it has an area of 10 and perimeter of 18. (That’s a tricky one – can you figure it out?)


Whether they’re on a screen or on a table, having models to manipulate is an important part of learning math.

On Blue Moon 17 in the Gammaramma System, students have access to a variety of resources and materials with which to engage in the task at hand. When building structures for cultivating space crops, measure the gaps directly with the astro-ruler or use spatial reasoning to determine their length. Split and regroup bundles of pipe to complete the structure and you’ll be space-farming in no time.

Let’s Get Messy

Between the hands-on activities and helping Rona and Roni build a new community, there are plenty of rich, blended learning opportunities for your class to get their hands dirty. To use this new world more intentionally, set a course for Blue Moon 17 with our new Assignments tool. Set this assignment up as part of a centre-based lesson along with the new Teaching Activities and get your Junior Space Explores ready to measure, make, and manipulate!

Blasting Off

If you’re an iOS user and cannot find Blue Moon 17, you may need to update the app. You can do this by searching for Zorbit’s Math Adventure in your App Store. If you are not currently a member of Zorbit’s crew, find out how you can get trial access for you and your school here.

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Written By: Matt Murphy

Written By: Matt Murphy

Matt Murphy is the Educational Designer for Zorbit’s Math Adventure, a K-3 game-based learning platform for the classroom. Matt has a Masters degree in Curriculum Design from the University of New Brunswick and has over five years of experience working in educational technology as an Instructional Designer, and Gamification/Game-Based Learning Consultant.



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