Unwrap These 5 Holiday & Christmas Math Activities in Your Class Today

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Winter holidays are coming! There are so many creative ways to incorporate the holidays into your classroom - holiday themed puzzles, games, problem solving, and collaboration are great ways to keep your students engaged and remind them about the fun in math. These types of hands-on activities are some of our favorite ways to make math a meaningful and enriching experience.

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5 Grade 1 Math Activities You Need to Try in Your Classroom

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Puzzles, games, friendly competition, and collaboration… get your students to dive right in with these hands-on activities.  It’s one of our favourite ways to engage and have fun with math!

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Math is often a subject that is maligned by older grades (and adults!).  In these early years, you have a great opportunity to help your students develop positive attitudes towards math. Activities like these are a great way for your students to experience math in a really fun way, where there is a low cost to failure and a really low barrier to entry.  

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Early Math Success Best Indicator of Future Academic & Career Success

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The US knows math is important. In fact, according to PayScale, all the top-paying bachelor degrees require math. Math is also key to innovation and economic growth - and that’s important to everyone.


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