Preschoolers Understand Math Better Than You Think

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Place value (the value indicated by where a digit is in a multi-digit number, e.g.: units, tens, hundreds) is one of the keystone concepts in children’s math education. An understanding of place value is necessary for carrying out operations like addition and subtraction with numbers that exceed a single digit. For decades, educators have based their math curricula on the idea that place value is too difficult for most preschoolers to understand.

But some recently published research out of Michigan has turned this idea on its head.

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Preschool Math Checklist: What Kids Should Know before Kindergarten

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Who doesn't love a good checklist? Whether you're a parent, a teacher, a superintendent (or even an educational technology developer!), it sure is hard to cram everything we want to get done into every day. Good time management certainly helps, though, and if you ask us, the humble checklist is the best tool we've got.
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5 Ways to Make Math Fun for Early Learners

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It’s no secret that success in math is a good predictor of success at life. In education and policy news these days, it seems like science, technology, engineering, and mathematics — the so-called STEM fields — dominates the discussion. Yep, as a society, we’ve all grasped on to the fact that math skills are vitally important to the types of stable, high-earning careers as can be found in the modern economy.

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